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Version 2.0 -  August 1, 2018
CustomMealPlanner.Com, which WellnessMealPlans.Com is based on, is over 5 years old and has made over 2.5 million meal plans. The administrator panel for WellnessMealPlans is now entering quality assurance testing and is expected to be available August 1, 2018. In addition, meal plans of more interest to the general population are being added. In this release:

  • Customization of look and feel
  • employee assistance: passwords, meal plan creation, etc
  • reports
    • employees signed up:  last month, month to date, year to date.
    • meal plans made: last month, month to date, year to date.
    • nutrition types used: last month, month to date, year to date so you can see which are your most popular meal plans
    • alerts: any unusual or excessive activities.
  • "Easy-Fit" day meal plan and week meal plan
  • Alteration of the rating system to make it more appropriate for general fitness rather than bodybuilding.

Past Releases

Version 1.0 April 10, 2017 - The initial release.


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